Dream Sequence4

Quiet in There, Go to Sleep!

My mother would need to deliver that line to us every single night. Four boys in one room will not stay silent very long.
The concept of “going to sleep” is an interesting idea when we think about it. Is it a place….like Paris? Sleep is not tangible, yet we say ” I need to get some sleep”. We can’t touch it, but we know when we’ve had it. We have it even though we cannot touch it….yet… it touches us.

When we are very young we hate it. When we are adults we like it, but ignore it. When we get older we can’t ignore it.

Maybe, “having it” is the impossibility. “Experiencing it” is more appropriate. We experience it, then we are done with it for a time.

Sleep is my next project. Not to “go there”….to that sub conscious wonderland where we dream and work out our anxieties. Rather, to send others there. Either with eyes open in meditation (conscious sleep), or in the traditional sense.

This video is a rough draft of what will be a much longer rendition to take the viewer/hearer to that end.

Sometimes we just see frames and the imaginary worlds these frames make before our eyes.

Music composed from sampled “phrases” and added nuances.

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