So Many Stars

We try beyond our limits
To drown out the stars
Our little lights beaming back messages
Look at our significance!

Stars scurry into hiding
Without fear of self-worth
Without care or interest
But full of curiosity

They ask moon,
Who is this?
Are not our lights
Sufficient for them?

Moon laughs.
“You know, we used to be.
Now, some have never seen our true glory.
And when they do, they are forever changed.
They do not deserve our scorn,
Or pity.
They will be ok.
Give them time,
They are new at this.”

I grew up in the suburbs of LA and have always lived with the veil of human generated light blocking out our wonderful universe and its personal messages. There is much to learn in the places that reveal our true existence. Just by being quiet, watching a shooting star or distant satellite, we learn a little about our reality. The perspective of the totality of our being within this beautiful cosmos should motivate us to a tearful joy.
Celebrate your place in this universe.


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