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This weekend was very busy! I helped my daughter (3rd Saturday in a row). We are building a quail hutch for her homestead farming aspirations. The summer is ending and that typically means it gets very hot here. 
I am not as strong as I used to be, so I am good for 4-5 hours before the heat saps my ambition.
One or two more weekends, and she will move her quail to their new home.
This previous post alludes to a new project I have dedicated myself to:

And as a result, I have created the new channel Ambient Calm:

It is dedicated to simple video with ambient music/sounds for relaxing. 
These efforts are directed for those times when a little music or video is desired, but only in the ambient sense. 

This first piece contains background music composed simply for peripheral use during times when distractions are not wanted….i.e. studying, relaxing, meditation, or even just falling asleep.
The music presentation utilizes sampled orchestra instruments and phrases (multiple instrumentation recorded melodies).
Future work will include natural white noise, nature’s sounds… all with the intent to help the listener/watcher focus with an open mind.

The first effort:

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  1. Very nice, Mark! What do you use to arrange the music? (I haven’t done anything with music in ages, and sometimes feel the itch)

    (the link to the previous post doesn’t work for me, unfortunately)


    1. Thank you Alex. I started using Sonar about five/six years ago. (Cakewalk-Owned By Gibson Guitars). I went through a couple of Sonar iterations until Sonar Platinum came along as a one-time-buy life-long license.
      Then Gibson gave up on it and now it is available as a free download…or something like that.
      This 20 minute composition utilizes 15-16 instruments and I have to say that it just pushed it too far.
      The file is currently so corrupted that I had to abandon it and luckily, I had made a wav. file. The final 6 minute segment was created separately with a limited number of instruments.
      I was so frustrated…..if I had the six hundred bucks on hand I would have jumped ship to Pro Tools.
      Don’t get me wrong….in a limited capacity, it will work, but I see my compositions growing to thirty minutes (or more) with as many as 20+ instruments for transitions and nuances….and my confidence in the DAW is at zero to achieve that.

      I have not contacted Sonar for some time….I’ve given up on their customer support. The last report I had sent was noted, but never resolved….noted…as in “yeah, we know that happens”, and that was it.

      For additional sounds/voices/samples I go to Native Instruments and recently Project Sam


      1. Thanks for the explanation. I have never used anything like that. The only software I ever used was Jeskola Buzz – which will probably seem pretty chaotic to you. I never had problems building complex chains of instruments and effects with it, but that was a long, long time ago. I still have it installed but it’s not exactly intuitive to use, and when technology gets in the way it kills inspiration as you know…

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