Dream Sequence 5

I have added a second ambient music/video to my youtube channel!

Dream Sequence 5 features video of butterflies I find on the trails I travel. If you are looking to be excited, this may not be for you. The intent for music is wholly devoted to the ambient cause….a backdrop of sound to allow one to concentrate on something else.

In San Diego, we are mostly an arid climate. Even near the Pacific most of the terrain is chaparral (low brush and smaller trees). The video was made near the San Diego river. It is lush with trees and every year around August, the swallowtails come to look for mates. This year I decided I would document this event.
The swallowtail will find “highways” between trees and follow a pattern of flying within these lanes. A male will approach a female and emit pheromones in an attempt to woo a female. Sometimes it works, sometimes not so much.

There are a few clips of cabbage whites in there too….they are very abundant here.

The dream sequence number originates from the titles I give each music composition when I sit down to create it. I liked the #4 effort more than the previous three so that one ended up first on the list for posting. Eventually I will back into the first three as I add entries. 

The Video:

My next effort will be of ocean waves and more peaceful music.
Thank you for your support!

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