One More Round

To anyone who reads this, Happy New Year!
An interesting sentiment….very human. We like to take note of any occasion, and if we get to greet one another with positive vibes, that’s even better.

Every year is dotted with a mix of trials and overcoming trials. Things accomplished, things left undone. Victory(s) and failure(s). We look in retrospect and decide to make or remake goals.

In November 2018, I decided to gather all of my physical work together. The goal was to finish them and get rid of them. A “cleaning house” move. I completely failed for many reasons. Most notably, I became distracted in paths that require too much time. Video creation. Yup, I love making videos and to do it correctly, it sucks up time. Watch movie credits at the end of a simple presentation (without CGI or special effects) and the list is very long.

My distractions were so strong that I uploaded very little new work to my print site!

I’ve realized over the years, failure is not a negative experience unless nothing is learned from it. So what did I learn? As much as I love making videos, I must continue in a much more disciplined pattern. Return to the plan. Finish my works, sell them, give them away, and move forward.

Because we have seasons, we know something is happening. We can look at the stars and the moon and know changes are occurring. If this was not the case, then when would we decide to be resolute about something?

Perhaps, when the sun is going down, and the colors of the evening are exploding and beckoning. When it is relatively quiet and instead of harried photo making, I just stop and take in the moment to have the moment move through me. Looking down from the clouds, I can see the clutter in my paths. From there I can make plans.

Close some doors, ignore those rooms and clean up one at a time. Happy new year everyone!


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