What Do You See

So small is your world
Quickly passes your lovely face
Can I catch you amid the tumult?

It has been some time that I have uploaded a new project to my Blue Marble Photography site.
This new representational project with swallows has intrigued and piqued my sense of “rising to the challenge” to make some representational images of these birds in flight.
The process pushes my camera to its limits and I’ve come to learn its limitations.
In the process, I’ve also learned to integrate with the erratic “rhythms” of these little birds. Their constant change of direction is typically a symptom of locating food, gaining a little altitude, then using that height to gain momentum onto the prey.
All the while, they incorporate small and large circles to cover the most area in he shortest amount of time.
This piece is one of my favorites. The bird is sighting in a potential meal. Look at that beautiful little face…adorable.

print: https://bluemarblephotography.smugmug.com/Photographs/Swallows/i-LSrXnMp/A


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