The Hunt

Back country service roads can lead to perilous areas where moving forward is sketchy. At the same time, conditions may occur where one cannot stop to look ahead. Momentum is required to traverse the conditions ahead. Trusting learned instincts is paramount to success in these moments.
Once through the danger, there may be some damage. Perhaps the oil pan was compromised/scratched, or maybe the suspension was strained. The “other side” hopefully delivers its treasures and the relative pain is worthy. Sometimes all is failed and documented for future references. Learning is the reward of perceptible failure.

Bird photography for inspiration.
Incorporate standard bird photography restrictions:
Focus on the eye
Get in plane (their level)
Composition (duh)
More blah blah blah

Of course there are gear, software, editing and tech issues. More opportunities for failure…..learning.

Then What?
Always, then what?
That will never be found in a lens, camera body or editing software.

Dark Energy

Thank you WP community for your positive energy!
I had to get that out of the way. This rant is not about anyone here.

I will be taking off work for the next week and will likely not post anything during that time.
What that means is I need to get everything to a state of manageability without my presence (at my workplace). Usually, a doable task that takes an hour or two out of the ordinary week.
As can happen. This week was an avalanche of contract reviewing, problem solving, fire extinguishing, etc. etc. That on top of what I am supposed to be doing.
Things pile up and the squeeze starts to happen. I feel it in my gut….in my bones. Little things become big things. I caught a cold. I overslept this morning. My poor wife caught my cold! Why did I let that happen! Pick up the slack…sign this…do that. Why did that guy just insult me? I don’t even know him! Why is everyone driving like they are comatose?


Clear the mind.
Paper and pen. Write it all down. Prioritize. What must be done now? Assess feasibility for outcomes. How will this impact other scheduled duties? Assess feasibility for outcomes.
Identify issues.
Delegate fixes with end dates and follow ups. Enter them in the calendar for review when you return.
Will I need to take some work home with me? Yes. But, it is minimal. It can be accomplished without a visual interference to the family.

I moved out of “management” four years ago, but it has followed me regardless. Such is the life of a salaried employee.

Everyone, have a good week. If you celebrate the holidays do so with all your might. Hug your loved ones every day. Look into their eyes, and smile…..that dark energy will melt away.

photomanipulation – Self Portrait –


We are in agreement
The birds and I
Our sacred covenant
N’er to be broken

They swear
To look for you
At every corner
And shadow

For the price of suet and seed

And when found
They will report to me
Your whereabouts
In complete detail
Whether high or low

They follow my every step

Now, no longer
Do I wait by lit window
Nor anticipate another sunset
Without half of my soul

Be it cliff or chilly waters
Mired exposure
Dangers from vicious beasts
Dangers from within
Or falls within the abyss of doubt

We will find you
And you will find me
In this new place
You bring us to.

There is no such thing as Valentines Day. There is no such thing as romance. There is only the practice of love. It takes us through dark places into the light. It takes our every ounce of strength, and gives us comfort when everything changes. And only works, when we give everything without accounting.
Not easy.

Going Home

Those words
When we say them
Mean Nothing
And Everything

A subjective a comment
Only to the speaker

Such places
Only exist in our minds
For a time

While the walking
Directs our steps
To perilous places
Where we fear
Being torn apart

Though once we’ve traversed the gauntlet
Of hungry wolves and bears
We find the single door
Of long standing memory
Painted same as childhood dream

Knocking avails no answer
Fumbling keys do not fit the lock
Slowly opens of its own volition
And is filled with home
The subjective agreement
Of rest and assurance