Dark Energy

Thank you WP community for your positive energy!
I had to get that out of the way. This rant is not about anyone here.

I will be taking off work for the next week and will likely not post anything during that time.
What that means is I need to get everything to a state of manageability without my presence (at my workplace). Usually, a doable task that takes an hour or two out of the ordinary week.
As can happen. This week was an avalanche of contract reviewing, problem solving, fire extinguishing, etc. etc. That on top of what I am supposed to be doing.
Things pile up and the squeeze starts to happen. I feel it in my gut….in my bones. Little things become big things. I caught a cold. I overslept this morning. My poor wife caught my cold! Why did I let that happen! Pick up the slack…sign this…do that. Why did that guy just insult me? I don’t even know him! Why is everyone driving like they are comatose?


Clear the mind.
Paper and pen. Write it all down. Prioritize. What must be done now? Assess feasibility for outcomes. How will this impact other scheduled duties? Assess feasibility for outcomes.
Identify issues.
Delegate fixes with end dates and follow ups. Enter them in the calendar for review when you return.
Will I need to take some work home with me? Yes. But, it is minimal. It can be accomplished without a visual interference to the family.

I moved out of “management” four years ago, but it has followed me regardless. Such is the life of a salaried employee.

Everyone, have a good week. If you celebrate the holidays do so with all your might. Hug your loved ones every day. Look into their eyes, and smile…..that dark energy will melt away.

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