The Hunt

Back country service roads can lead to perilous areas where moving forward is sketchy. At the same time, conditions may occur where one cannot stop to look ahead. Momentum is required to traverse the conditions ahead. Trusting learned instincts is paramount to success in these moments.
Once through the danger, there may be some damage. Perhaps the oil pan was compromised/scratched, or maybe the suspension was strained. The “other side” hopefully delivers its treasures and the relative pain is worthy. Sometimes all is failed and documented for future references. Learning is the reward of perceptible failure.

Bird photography for inspiration.
Incorporate standard bird photography restrictions:
Focus on the eye
Get in plane (their level)
Composition (duh)
More blah blah blah

Of course there are gear, software, editing and tech issues. More opportunities for failure…..learning.

Then What?
Always, then what?
That will never be found in a lens, camera body or editing software.


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