Hollow words
Fall like leaves
Orange and yellow
Vibrantly dead

You won’t use them
With me

Traveling to the sea
I left you sleeping
Looking for answers
To unknown questions

Standing in its power
Wishing I could be swept away
Under its power and might
My fear bleeding into the undertow

It haunts my dreams
This body of overwhelming force
Its understanding, just beyond reach
She beckons me
“Come to me, and just let it all go”

I journey home
Hoping to find you
Watering potted flowers

Some things you trust because it has been earned, other things you trust because it has the power to consume you, but gives you the opportunity to release your anxieties…without asking much in return…and you walk away the better for it.
I will never fully understand what it is about the ocean that makes me feel whole. Perhaps the beating heart sounds of the earth, or the salty taste of the environment….like sweat, blood, tears….amniotic fluid. She is both my mother and my father in my dreams, depending on the context and what my gut is experiencing.
A lovely strangeness…a mystery to enjoy, never to be fully revealed…a love affair experienced for anyone who ventures behind her veil.


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