My life with you has been like lying down in open fields.
I can smell the odor of decay, and I am at peace with its joy.
Life to life we walk this way, unencumbered. The absence of oppression between us has been long fought for. Maturity has molted away those childish jealousies.

When we visit the sea, we sit close enough to the water’s edge to feel the rage of the waves. They set a strong tempo for our hearts. Like the beach, we are constantly changed for the better. Together, we support many lives. What a gift, to welcome the rising sun! Listen to the sounds of squabbling birds who eventually settle into the race, this becomes our choir.

In these last steps on the path to our home. I can smell the scent of our garden. The musk of tomato and squash. Gardens of so many years…so many harvests. Some more plentiful than others. Yet, it is the bounty of something shared where we find our treasure. We have lost ourselves intentionally, growing renewed and perfected. Looking back is sweet, but who we have become is worth more and is more durable than harvests and breaking waves.


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