And I Thought

There comes a time
To question shadows
And thank the darkness.

How else will we appreciate
The light of day?

Are sweet and liberating.
Releasing ourselves
From our own ignorance.
They are self-critical
And beloved
For they make us whole.

I have concluded
That perfect expectation is appropriate
For know-it-alls
And for the lazy
Who are not willing to work
Too petrified to morph.

Selfishness is a poison
Its bitter jaundice
Evidenced in our masks
Stunting our growth
Imprisoning us
In cells
Of our own doing

multiple exposure photograph –
Early in my photographic walk, I learned that the darkness is a friend to imaging. These other things I learned in my youth and onward, realizing the world does not revolve around me and sometimes I have to just let go of the negative. Building a positive life does not always mean what we think it should mean or look like sometimes. Coming to terms with that will liberate the soul.
I practice Christianity, however I do not talk much about it here. That world view has fixed my perspectives. It is a place to start, and to end.

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