Nothing’s Happening

It was your decision to plant the canna
Placing them strategically throughout the garden
Technically, the root is edible
But we will never eat them

So in the harvester’s mind….window dressing
Any flower that draws the pollinator
Is welcomed here

I sat in the garden
While nothing was happening
I noticed the dozens of little butterflies
Flitting with frenzied effort
Looking for mates
Looking to lay eggs
On our green bean buds

West coast butterflies floated
Like reluctant autumn leaves
Refusing to drop to the ground
They too, searching for pheromones
The promise of larva
Rummaging our summer squash

Just there
Between the orange of the red cape honeysuckle
Falls the light blue of plumbago
Like the waters from a distant mountain.
Within their marriage
Dwells the wasp
Searching out nectar
And the eggs and larva of the butterfly

Yes, nothing was happening
In this micro environment

Then, this little hummingbird came along…

the moment:

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