You Can’t But You Will

The bottle wasn’t opened slowly
It’s head was broken off against the bar
And slammed onto the counter
Ready for a fight and retribution

All manner of foam came pouring out
Curses and laughter, anger and joy
Mixed to make the bread of life

Like the sudden release of tension
Of the bow’s taut string
Pulled and aimed for so many days
A thousand messages in one blended voice

Who cares about America’s 4th of July celebration? Well apparently, many people still do. After being instructed not to assemble and restrictions were re-instated, many people made it clear they have had enough “prison” time. Many people in my area had purchased fireworks and displayed their own mini-shows of appreciation (full-on aerial rocket type). Interesting, since fireworks are illegal in any form in my city.
The city still did their show, they just asked that everyone watch from home. So we did. That, along with the full moon, the mask-less gatherings, the hoots and ahhhs of delight, all made for an interesting evening.


    1. Thank you Kat. It was nice to watch everyone put on their own show. One neighbor would fire off a few and the neighbor on the other side would answer with a few and another a couple of blocks over would send theirs into the air. I was a mere spectator, but it was fun.


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