Or take-out, or fast-food.
Sometimes the order comes and we realize it is just too much food.
Half of it ends up in the fridge.

For this osprey, it was pure instinct to catch whatever he saw as a “safe size.” It makes sense that if the fish was too large, the raptor would leave it alone. As it was, he dove and clenched his prey. After several tries, he realized he could not exit the water with this sized fish still flailing underneath. Some fifteen seconds later, after disabling the mullet, he ascended.
The power of these birds is impressive.
San Diego channel near Dog Beach

Evolution of the moment

Or if you have trouble falling asleep:

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    1. Ha ha! The funny thing about that indulgence (for me) is that I end up eating it all and then end up fasting the next day to get it out of my system. I’m a closet Taco Bell guy. I know…..it’s not food….it’s edible, but it’s not food. If Robin found out about that once-a-month habit, I’d never hear the end of it.

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