For the Joy

Response to recent discussions involving the artistic approach, staying true to your walk and the value, or perceived worthlessness of an artist’s efforts.

We question and agonize,
Over detail, workflow and philosophy.
Am I honest?
Will they catch an error?
Are my intentions acceptable?
Is this plagiarizing?
Or worse,
Why is there no response?

Is this work futile?
Is my messaging too cryptic?
I love this piece,
It brings me peace.
It tells the world
That things get whirled.

It is my child
Born of the wild.
Yes, yes, that’s it.
I remember.
The process.
The drive to go.
To set up and execute
All those things
I have been training for.

And when I’m out
Out and about.
Communing here
Observing there.
Gaining insights
To life and beauty.
And walking away,

With Joy.

Yes, that’s it.

the prompt:

Freedom to Create

thank you Alex


    1. Thank you Alessandra. I was specifically thinking of your sunflower piece. The set up indicates a specific thought process. There is planning and the execution of learned hypotheses. It is the use of techniques, practiced and re-practiced. All of this is to convey a message wholly unique to the artist. Putting it out to the world comes with risk, but there is true joy in the making.

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  1. Thank you. Putting it out is, after all, is all we can do. The rest is up to the viewers 😉 Your poems dealing with the artistic process are very spot on. It helps me sometimes to step back and observe my own thoughts going through my head as I create something. Insecurities, attachment, judgement. These thoughts and feelings, if they hang on too long, obscure the joy of creating. Usually, however, they just pass by, like clouds on a day that ends up bright sunny.

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  2. These words are so simple yet have so much depth, I had to read them twice, Bravo Mark! And your photo……….it’s as if I someone saw the world through my eyes. SOOO happy I popped onto WordPress today!

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