The Road Home

The promise of finding the place of belonging.
Longing for the place of being.
Being is found in the hearts of others.
Achieved only in full transformation.
The release of self
Will reveal the full potential
Of self.

Ramona, CA

Recent photography in low light has really triggered some questions in my mind concerning old vs. new cameras. With my old Nikon D700, low light was handled very well. If I wanted to make a moody piece 2-3 stops under optimum exposure, there didn’t seem to be any problems. Now, with my mirrorless Sony and even my Z6, underexposed pieces suffer horribly with “noise.” Not regular noise, but huge blotchy non-fixable noise.
It may be time for some experimentation. I assume that the smaller sensor DSLR 700 system was just a better package. Unfortunately, I used the 700 so much that the sensor went south. Not sure if the 750 was better. We’ll see.
It is well known that Sony cameras require full exposure for video to turn out well. In LOG format, 1-2 stops hot is required to avoid the noise issues.
Is it a mirrorless thing?


    1. Tech numbers don’t lie. What I’m not clear of is how each company handles the recorded information once the sensor does its thing. Sony has long had “magenta” issues. Magenta not an issue if that is what is desired. I find Nikon warms up the output and the Z6 adds gain without me asking it to.
      The noise level issue is palpable with the Z6 that I did not experience with the 700. It may be that I had Noise Reduction as part of the process in-camera with the 700 and perhaps the Z6 NR is not engaged.
      Exploration is the benefit of photography and at some point I’ll get to the bottom of this minor conumdrum.


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