Work Space

Teleconference the specifics
Meet with the folks that make the checks
Review the schedule
If we do this,
We can erase the next eight months of our lives
Are you ready for that?

Of course.
Just let me re-crunch
The numbers…
Dollars with wings.

I woke up this morning
Thinking about the thing.
You know
The thing
That will keep us up at night?

We’re on the same page.
I hope you can run fast.
This moving train isn’t going to wait for you.
It’ll either wear you out
Or cut you in half
But you can’t go ’til I say go.

Such is the life in construction. “Be careful what you wish for, you just may get it.” When my work day is over…I’ll just mosey on down to the rusty buckwheat fields. Watch the bees and really learn something.


  1. so strange at times isn’t it?! Making sense of things, isn’t an easy task. I find myself thinking too of why do we this and why do we do that?! Yet in the end, I have no..answers.

    Video is lovely.

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