A Little Butterfly

In front of me
A tiny butterfly
So precious
So little!

Behind me
A rising moon
A star we call the sun
A universe
With hundreds
Of billions
Of galaxies

Such a beautiful
Little butterfly

Butterfly pic is a single exposure, Lensbaby photograph.

At a distance of just 160 000 light-years, the Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC) is one of the Milky Way’s closest companions. (Courtesy of NASA’s Hubble)


  1. I wonder if any beings are watching us as we are watching the little butterflies. The human lifespan both as individuals and as a species must be minuscule in orders of magnitude in comparisons to the “lifespans” of planets, stars, and galaxies. Yet we think we are the lords of the universe.

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    1. Indeed we have become so self important that it would make for a cheap sitcom if observed from the outside. Some of the most important sciences have left the core values of scientific methods and opted to bow to the narratives handed to them (while the other hand holds their economic futures). We hold ourselves to a high regard because we can identify and manipulate DNA? But we have no idea how it works…..why does a cell know that it needs to be a part of an eye or big toe? The more we “know” the more we find out we don’t know.
      And we will save the earth? Perhaps we can “destroy” it in the context of human existence, but the earth does not need us to help it. The paradigm is a selfish extension of our existentialism……which ignores the core of the issue….over-population. Everything else is secondary.
      I say all this within the paradigm of biblical context. We have already succeeded in populating the earth. The doubling of the population within the last fifty years should be alarming. Instead, we hold on to the fallacies dreamed up by greedy money grabbing governments.
      Yes, they are up there watching, and you an I know who it is.

      (Sorry for the rant…but you absolutely get what this post means)

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      1. Please don’t apologize for articulating what my molecular cells know to be true.

        Thanks for posting works that evoke the sense of awe and wonder that leads to the awakening of awareness. Only when the scales fall of our eyes can we see what is real and what is illusion created to sell us what we really don’t need. Greed is it!


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