Metamorphosis 1

Love has no meaning
In the hands
Of selfish children

It is a word
Without foundation
Free falling
To inevitable doom

When the atomic bomb fell
We said our goodbyes
Full of holes
And lies

Watching everything burn
The flames
Ripped breath and lung

We were free diving deep
Into the abyss
Then in mid ascent
There’s not enough
To make it
To the top
There’s simply
Not enough

Freedom, identity, self-worth


  1. Wow Mark! Your poem, reaches to the gut, squeezes, then lets go so your reader can ‘breathe’.

    Beautiful! Just absolutely beautiful! Well done!


    1. Thank you Kat. I was mused by an older movie I watched for the first time “Hearts in Atlantis.” The ending was so sentimental, I found myself gasping for air. Too many lived experiences, too many chords playing all at once

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