Simple Knowledge

We have been paralyzed
Dismembered from reality
From fear of the worst
Of things unseen
Yet knowable

Our spark
Sends us running
Armed with knowledge
We police our neighbor’s stupidity

We will save ourselves
From this calamity
Then fall like leaves in autumn
Into a collective sigh
Of relief

Until next season.

I am not one to disobey governmental edicts. It has been many months since I have visited my favorite photography spots. Still closed. The span is over thirteen years that I have lingered in its forests and rejoiced by its waters edge. It is a place to decompress and come alive. Well….it was.
Soon I hope.
It is with simple microscopic knowledge that we have come to know viruses a little. Mixed with our fear of death we go straightaway to our basements and hide like mice and become mob-like. “Experts” are all over the place arguing and changing stories. Acknowledging we know very little, but just enough.

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