Lesser Than What?

A finch
With a name
Thrust on it
Like blame

I am not a birder. I do love to observe birds. Unlike what most photographers say I should do when I make photos of birds; I really don’t care much what species it is, nor do I feel the need to inform the viewer of the species ID. While making photographs of people, do we see the photographer note “male homo sapien?”
My approach is science apostacy….ok. Finding out the species ID can be fun so it will be included sometimes. Usually, I am just enjoying the moment when there is something beautiful for me to record…..that’s it.
As indicated, I do not adhere to anyone’s rules or philosophies for photo creation. There are enough chains in this world.
Bird: Lesser Goldfinch
Thanks for viewing!


    1. Thanks! Ha! So the interest is there. That’s how it is for me. I look first then follow up to learn what I want to know to fulfill a very specific curiosity. I’ve encountered photographer’s who sneer at anyone who just want to make nice images without looking to satisfy ornithologists. Birders can do the same, being insulted if the species’ ID is not noted.
      I’m pretty sure the birds don’t care.

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