Hoax Jokes

The earth was flat
When the moon landing hoax took place
No stars can be seen Neil.
All the evidence I need.

As is the case with so many things, when humans don’t understand something. We use our limited reasoning power to restructure puzzle pieces to fit within our frame. It keeps us comfortable. Keeping a true “open mind” sometimes means the top of our heads remain off regardless of how much it hurts. Right now we are all thinking of the “other guy” who needs this advice. The ironiest of ironies.
NOTE: The absence of “stars” in the moon landing photos has more to do with the limited nature of cameras. It is not evidence of stars not being there (like on a stage). Ansel Adam’s “expose for the highlights” means maintain editable information for your brightest light source within the frame. The strongest light value on the moon IS the moon’s surface which means muted values of stars will not be picked up. It has nothing to do with stops or shutter. It is simply the limitation of the camera.

Something simple and lovely: https://www.facebook.com/mark.wade.902/videos/149766570684881


    1. I found some interesting articles that “explain” why there are no stars in the moon landing photos. One of them went into some detail about increasing the Fstop and how that would have done better (for the stars). That left me scratching my head. No matter the length of exposure, if you expose for faint light, everything else with greater value will be blown out. Where do these guys get their information and why is this article still up?

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