Sudden is Life

In general.
Nothing changes. Everything changes.
Everything stays the same. Nothing stays the same.
Everything happens for a reason.
Except time and chance.

Since May, I’ve lost most of the mobility in my right arm. “Frozen shoulder” they call it, with rotator cuff issues. The pain teaches me limitations. Limitations are ignored while sleeping, so in pain I wake up throughout the night. The evidence of most painkillers’ association with memory/cognitive decline keeps me away from those. So, it’s ginger tea or turmeric. Physical therapy is “thawing” out the issue. My Orthopedic Doc will likely shoot me up with cortisone to speed up the process.
With that, I recognize what a blessed world I live in. I get to go see doctors who will help me. We see a disease that would have killed countless millions 100 years ago and we fight it. There seems to be an “expectation of perfection” in society these days, from all sides. All of us are fallible and yet sides are drawn? Like it or not, we are not divided. My body is made from the same earth/cosmos born material as everyone elses. We all share this.
We all share the same moon. We are all part of the same river. The water in our bodies once supported fish in a great ocean.
Like it or not, we are all one.

Cover Photo; “Blue Forest Starlings” – Available Print:

Studio Dumping:
After years of exhibitions, it’s time to clear out the studio. These prints are poster mounted to keep costs down to move them out of the studio. Drop me a line if interested.


  1. Mark, beautiful selection of photographs! Im sorry about your shoulder problem. My husband had it and it took eight months to resolve. In part, it was the guitar playing that made the problem worse (he’s a guitarist). Take care, I know this can be a lot of pain to handle!

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      1. Eventually he went back to playing but it tool a long time, some strap and posture adjustments and lots of professional massage. I don’t like to remember those times, even though I was not the one in pain, it was a pain to watch.

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  2. Oh Mark, I am so sorry. I had frozen shoulder last year and it was one of the most demoralising experiences I have ever had. I remember sitting in a chair in our living room, night after night, in constant pain, tears pouring down my cheeks. But, it get’s better. My pain subsided before my range of motion returned, which made the last months more bearable, and now I have almost full range of motion. As ever, your words and your attitude are inspiring. Thank you for sharing.

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