One Year, Still Scattered

The edges of my life are still blurry
And sometimes,
It feels like I’m flying alone.

Moon tells me this is not so.
“It’s all in your head” she says.
Cloud becomes indignant…
“And what am I to you?
All these years I have performed
At your every whim,
Creating mood and color?”

Sun waxes stoic.
“You hurt me with that assessment,
But I understand your condition.
We stop seeing what our eyes are telling us
And we listen to that recurring nightmare
That will not leave us alone.

Open your eyes
Live the beauty set before you.
Let it fill your every pore.
I will cover your face
With the energy
That fosters love, gentleness,
And kindness.
Isn’t this sufficient?”

Yes…it is.

October 9 marked one year here on WordPress. Thank you everyone who has been a sun and moon to me in this crazy expressive world.

photograph is multiple exposures – post includes color shifts and light texture


  1. Happy one year Anniversary……….so glad you are here Mark. I love your photo……it makes me want to step inside and I feel if I did I would be transformed into a story with dragons and knights and maidens……….LOVE it!

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