Self Portrait

It was a day like every other day.
Looking for value in hidden places.
Ignoring it under my feet.
Like the husband who looks in the refrigerator.
And says “there’s nothing to eat.”
While the feast drowns him.

Sometimes, it takes a wife, to make a man see what is right in front of him.
Sometimes, a man needs a wife, to become whole.
That’s the entirety of it.
Unless of course.
He refuses to open his eyes.
Prideful, his eyelids will be burnt when he welds them shut.
Opening them will be extremely painful. Doable, but painful.

Imperfection dwells in all life.
The greatest deeds we can achieve,
Are to practice patience,
Understanding, kindness.

Tina was wrong.
Love is not a second hand emotion.
It is the most difficult, disciplined action
Any human can practice.

multiple exposure photograph – textures


  1. This photo is outstanding. So beautiful and especially with the birds flying overhead.
    But what most touches me is how you write about your wife. We need to write more and more about how we appreciate our spouses and overcome the negativity. Just beautful


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