Every Day is Earth Day

A little project created with my grandson.

“I Am”
If all the elements in my body can be found in the earth

I am the ocean, the waves and the foam.

I am the sand and the air.
I am the wind and the clouds and the crumbling cliffs.
I am the grass of the field and the dirt under my feet.
I am of the earth and in the earth, and the earth is in me

I am the ant and the dragonfly
I am the heron and the fish
I am the gnat catcher and the hummingbird
I am the seed and the tree
I am the light and the darkness
I am the sun, the moon and the stars
I am the peace that falls at the end of the day
I am the voice that tells the animals “it’s time for bed”
I am the red of sunset, and the lavender of sleep
I am of the earth and in the earth, and the earth is in me

Written By ©Mark Steven Wade
Narrated by Chaz Cosgrove


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