The Gathering

A gathering of crows is called a murder.
I wonder why. There are many explanations.
The eating of human flesh after a battle seems appropriate.

A group of rhinos – Crash.
Apes- Shrewdness…ok!
Alligators – Congregation…a Sunday morning ritual?
Lemurs – Conspiracy….(or is that just the theory?)

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Composite stitching (multiple exposure photos). Available print:


  1. Some of those a real eye-rollers. Venue of Vultures? Wisdom of Wombats? Zeal of Zebras? Come ON. xD Following that scheme above… I want a Rushing of Ravens. Unkindness?! (I love their grok grok grok and how the wind rushes through their feathers when they pass close by in the desert canyons.)

    My favorite would have been the Congress of Baboons but alas, that one’s made up as I learned (behavior appears to be rather equivalent though).

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