Don’t Leave

There is a certain stubbornness in the air
Though sun falls faster and cold grabs the neck
In firm coercions to change, to die off a little

“Look, all the other trees have shed their coats
Why won’t you conform?
Go to sleep already”

Tree, so steady:
“Yet it is ninety degrees today
A time for basking and soaking

If I had legs, I’d go surfing
You may be around less
But this confusion
Does not come
Without a price

Soon enough.”

trees across the lake – Mission Trails, San Diego –


  1. Very beautiful, Mark – the image captures our few seasonal colors really well. Our trusty cottonwoods and willows will provide us with fall colors well into December. They know how it goes in our climates. 🙂 We humans are so stubborn with our insistence on “fall” and seasons and things. 😉


  2. Thank you Alex. Yes, I was prompted by an article that said the fall colors were done and only a few smatterings of color were to be found. (I think it was Vermont, much colder)


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