One Trick Pony

Fall descends in a gust
Winds narrating
The passage of ageless sparks

Wind created by wings
Many, becoming one
True to their calling

In the fall/winter, I am a one-trick-pony. Obsessed with murmurations and their relationship with the ending of day. They dance with the moon and get drunk with the reds of the eventide. It has been ten seasons that I have sought them out. They no longer number in the 100’s or 1000’s as that first year, but the call is still irresistible.
Multiple exposures on a single frame. (Nikon Z6) – Selective blur added


  1. One might call it a one-trick pony, others might rather think of it as continued practice that leads to perfection. But even IF you’re a “seasonal one-trick pony” your particular trick remains unique to me – even the birds cooperated nicely, to leave a place for the moon! Very beautiful.

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