Expended Energy

Go to the gym.
That’s the encouragement
¿Making us better?

Life is full of advice. Eat this, don’t eat that. We are told what to do, what to think.
My advice, expend energy to make things and make things better.
Bulked up people are attractive maybe. Muscle that is created to look at is useless.
Hands that grow food, lift up a needy person, build a bird house, feed a child, have purpose beyond a self-aggrandizing role.
Being fit is important. There are many ways to get there that has more to do with creating and building up outside of ourselves.

The latest moral emergency(s) reminds us that for as far as we have come, we have much further to go.
I am numb from it all and believe nothing to be absolute. Propaganda is not unique, it is typical for all countries.
Since the advent of television, conflicts have been brought into our homes for dinner-time viewing. It creates wealth when we watch. So, I don’t. We will not see all conflicts. Many of them have been going on for some time, but lack of interest does not make it “worth” reporting.
Yes, there are still tyrants in power that will wield that power at the expense of human lives.
Yes, the victims need help. We should be concerned. We should care and help.
As per usual, many of us end up feeling helpless. No matter what we can do, it will affect very little.
That insufficiency is constant, and frustrates those of us who live in peace.

Sometimes the best we can do is grow food, lift up a needy person, build a bird house, feed a child, have purpose beyond a self-aggrandizing role.

Image; Composite of (2) Multiple Exposure Photographs “Conflict2” –


  1. Well said. About the war and about the advices we get all the time. People think that health matters, in particular, give them license to tell others what to do. I once read a Ph.D. dissertation about this, which the author named “the tyranny of health”. Or something like this.
    Ukraine means “borderland”. The world is divided and whether the borderland remains a neutral zone or not, is what’s politicians are so worked out about. Personally, I have friends “trapped” on both sides of this “conflict”. Hard not to watch, read, talk about it. Hopefully this shall pass rather than escalate.
    Beautiful, dreamy image. I bet making those makes you much happier than watching the news.


    1. Yes, creating is a good escape. I try to keep up in measured doses with the conflict. There is simply no reasonable argument for displacing and killing innocents. Heartbreaking.


  2. Thanks for giving words to some thoughts and feelings that lurk hidden allowing them to be known and understood. Our thoughts are so often manipulated that it’s hard to tell truth from lies intended to sell products or worse yet ideals intended to enslave.


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