Standing on the bridge
Leaning over the rail
Like an impetuous child
I found the moon

He was resting
At the bottom of the lake

“Moon! Come out of there!”
“Leave me alone. I’m resting.”
“But Moon, it’s cold and dark down there!
 Let me help you out!”

Diving into the cold
Tree whispered
“Did he not say,
 Leave me alone?”

Her branches
Catapulted me
Onto the bridge

I sat dripping
Poking my head through the railing
I called to moon

“Ok, I get it now
 I’ll leave you alone.
“I hear you!
 Now go away!”

That moon.
So grumpy.

multiple exposures


  1. Beautiful photography and poem, Mark. It is amazing how one form of art inspires another one where both combine perfectly in this post. I really like your story of the “grumpy moon” very much. The imagery in the poem is simply gorgeous and powerful. While reading your verses and looking at your photo it feels like it all becomes a film in my mind. I see and sense the persona of the poem interacting with the masculinised moon and feminised tree (interesting personifications of nature’s elements). And I see a little bit of a connection between your brilliant work here and my latest poem where we both deal with the moon, such an endless subject for art and literature to explore. Thank you for checking out my blog. A pleasure to reconnect with you.

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      1. Wow, another great photograph and poem indeed. I like how Markus43 treats the topic of obsession. The way I first interpret this is that there is an entity, as you said, a moon as a feminine personae. That entity is prone to be turned from a subject into an abused being and, therefore, into an object. If someone loses their status as a subject and becomes an object it means there is abuse from someone else and, therefore, individual freedom is lost. Hence these powerful lines, so eloquently expressed:

        “Don’t put me in a place
        Where only seclusion
        Would be my name.”

        I want to share with you a post of an artist-writer who is a great friend of mine, Mario Savioni. He is a far better writer than myself and, like you, an awesome photographer. Unfortunately, almost no one pays attention to his blog or sends comments to him. I think Mario’s lines are a fierce defense of feminism understood not as women superiority over men (Jeez, no gender is superior to any other!), but as a manifesto for gender equality and equity criticising the evils of Capitalism as well:

        “She is almost always concerned with how she looks. She engages in meaningless banter with her best friends in open-air venues, and she never quite connects with his eyes but expects him to see her and to engage her and this is all that is going on against the backdrop of capitalism, a male construct, supported by women to rise above other men by enslaving them too, to keep tabs on their growth and competitiveness.

        No, if women want to be free, they have to fight this greed and fear. The sense of scarcity causes men to take what does not belong to them. They have nothing else but the occasional stray broken from some relationship that revealed dependency and thus ugly truth.”

        Taken from:

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