Near Collisions

It’s ironic
The nearest nature refuge
Has a freeway running through it

Humans in a hurry
Making background audio
For the freeway on the lake

Yes, I am obsessed with this project….fourteen years and running at this location. At some point, I might make all the work I can discover and will shift my focus.


  1. My commute takes me down a parkway that runs along a city reservoir that attracts many waterfowls. I’ve witnessed lots of near misses as birds take off and make a steep climb to get over the highway of oncoming 65mph cars. I’ve also seen a few road kills along the side of the road. Guess it’s just life.

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    1. That really is unfortunate.
      Yesterday was busy at the park. I witnessed a raccoon nearly grab a duckling. I made a photo of a hawk that I thought had caught a snake. Turns out what I saw was a leg bone (of a rabbit I think). As I was exiting, I saw a coyote on the street just past the gates. I tried to get a shot, but he took off before I could get proper focus.

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    1. I go there as much as I can, but sporadically. I will be going this afternoon (7/2) around 4. You access through the campground gates (campgrounds are closed, but access to the lake is open). Once on the trail that circles the lake head east until you hit the trail that intersects left. You’ll cross a pontoon bridge and head straight. About 50′ before you get to the end of that trail (before it veers left, about 100 yards from the bridge) you’ll see a side trail that traverses some trees and you can see the other side of the lake, look east. That is where I have been making most of my work lately. The light is good for that time of day and the birds are within reach of my 600mm/aspc.
      This project has been extreme for time requirements (I’m really just a beginner). In three months I’ve rattled off over 15k images, most of which ended up trashed. I decided to support my Sony gear because I have an apsc body of theirs.
      The majority of my results are ok for web presentations and maybe a handful are worthy for print.
      Editing includes DenoiseAI and cropping down to about 25%. If I decide to print anything, I will enlarge with Gigapixel AI.
      Virtually NONE of these images are detail rich.
      It’s disappointing, but I’ll keep trying.
      Google maps has a good satellite rendering

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    1. Interesting, my brother visits the Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge for bird photography….I think it’s off the 99 and only allows photography work from your vehicle. Very prolific area.

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