Red Sky Falling

The incidence of the angle to the sun
Relative to the distance
The minor variance
Affecting the whole of our world

Glancing at Venus
Conversing with the moon
Behind the cloud
The red of sun
Splashed for ambience

We’re entering
The dark sector
Of revolution and rotation
A cosmic wonder

My thought
“Days are getting shorter”
Is an insult
To the reality of this grandeur

I’ve been so busy with “stuff” and have had few opportunities to create images. My heart fell when I witnessed such a beautiful sight last night. The moon and Venus (or Mercury?) claiming a stupendous “good night” to the day’s end. I could only appreciate it in passing. Responsibilities. Soon the blackbirds will return to the lake in their murmurations. I must make time for this.

©2021 Mark Steven Wade – Available Prints

Red Sky Closing

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