Hidden Revelation

There are things
Hidden from our sight
Too afraid to be seen

Yet must be uncovered
To reveal the truths
Of our wonderful world

Cover photo is a simple static image on the trail. They were caught between the broken bridge and me. I moved out of the way and watched them bound away.

These 2021 4th quarter photographs complete the circle started the previous fall. The bulk of favorites being in-camera multiple exposures.

A simple reflection
Multiple exposures – one frame.
Yes, I do love the moon.
Multiple exposures. This murmuration drifted into the tower and at first I thought it ruined the composition. It’s grown on me.
Multiple exposures. Blur the light behind a mountain, set a long exposure and drag down to emulate the aurora borealis.

2022 is a transformative year for me. I will be putting things in place for retirement from the corporate world for early 2023. Yesterday I was out and about with one of my LensBaby optics. They can be challenging, just what I’m looking for.


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